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House Rules

Appointments and Punctuality: Your time is important to us, however, please be mindful of other guests' time as well. We may have to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late so we may provide the best service possible to you and those scheduled around you.  As a courtesy, Salon W.O.W. will send a reminder text, call, or leave a voicemail the day before your appointment.

Cancellations: We absolutely encourage all guests to schedule their appointments in advance.  We also understand that emergencies happen; however, we do ask in the event you need to cancel that you give 24 hours' notice if possible.  This will give your stylist a chance to fill any openings, if possible.  Failure to notify reception or your stylist of a cancellation within 24 hours may result in a rebooking fee of 25% or more of your scheduled services at the time of your next appointment.

No Shows: Failure to notify of a cancellation two (2) times or more may result in a suspension of pre-booking privileges or may require prepayment. The team at Salon W.O.W. fully respects that emergencies are never convenient, however, the salon cannot function without a schedule.  No Call/No Shows may result in a rebooking fee of 50% or more of your scheduled services at the time of your next appointment.

Professional Guarantee:  Salon W.O.W. guarantees all work and services rendered for up to one (1) week, conditional on the retail history.  Salon W.O.W. cannot guarantee color work maintained with products NOT used or sold in house. We will be happy to make another appointment to determine how to best satisfy your expectations. Keep in mind, additional charges may apply if you have had a change of heart about a new color or cut.

Product Returns: If you don't love your retail purchase, you are welcome to return lightly-used products to the salon within 5 days for a refund or within 10 days to exchange it for something else.  We want to help you find a product you can't live without.

Tool Returns: You may return tools within two (2) weeks of the date of purchase for a refund.  The salon guarantees all tool purchases for up to one (1) calendar year.  We encourage you to save your tool's original packaging to maintain the product's warranty.  Any warranty issues should be handled directly with the manufacturer.

Children:  We welcome all ages at Salon W.O.W. however, the salon can be a hazardous environment for little fingers.  Several drawers contain sharp or hot metal, so please be mindful of your little ones to avoid any accidents.  The salon staff thanks you for your attentiveness.

Payment and Gratuity:  Salon W.O.W. accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Gratuity paid to your stylist is left entirely to your discretion and can be paid with cash, check, or credit card.  Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or tips paid to your stylist.

Gift Cards:  Gift cards are always available for purchase in-salon, and we welcome you to share the gift of beauty.  Gift cards NEVER expire, however gift certificates and W.O.W. Cash do, as they are issued with an effective and expiration date, which you'll find noted on the currency.

Weddings and Large Parties:  Salon W.O.W. would be honored and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day.  Parties of six (6) or more will require a deposit of 50% to secure the reservation, or a credit card number will need to be kept on file.  On site services are also available.  Please see the Bridal section of the Services page or call the salon for more info. 

Hospitality:  Salon W.O.W. is happy to offer simple refreshments to our guests including coffee, water, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite as well as complimentary wi-fi.  We have a Keurig coffee maker, so you’re welcome to bring your own K-Cups, too.